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Waiting list

William De Vijlder
Chief Economist, BNP Paribas

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Claudine Smith
Country Head, BNP Paribas Norway

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Abraham Geldenhuys
Group Treasurer, Kongsberg Automotive

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Carsten Maartmann-Moe
CEO, Transcendent Group Norway

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Ben Helsing
Group Treasurer, Citycon

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Sven Erik Pløen
Head of Funding, Bane NOR

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Harald Francke Lund
CEO, CICERO Shades of Green

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Ian Howard
Director Sustainable Finance Solutions, Sustainalytics

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Cecile Moitry
Head of Sustainable Finance, BNP Paribas

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Sander van Tol
Partner, Zanders

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Karl-Henrik Sundberg
Cash Management Presales, OpusCapita

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Ramon Tolk
Senior Director Treasury, Avery Dennison

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Mike Richards
CEO, The Treasury Recruitment Company

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Erik Blomberg
CISO, Handelsbanken

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Beatrice Wassing
Head of Transaction Banking Sales & Implementation, Handelsbanken Capital Markets

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Carl Olsson
Head of Compliance and AML, TietoEVRY

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Moderator's Opening Remarks

Beatrice Wassing, Head of Transaction Banking Sales & Implementation, Handelsbanken Capital Markets

MACRO KEYNOTE: The view from here

William De Vijlder, Chief Economist, BNP Paribas

CASE STUDY: Kongsberg Automotive journey to achieve centralization, standardization and optimization of treasury activities

Abraham Geldenhuys, Group Treasurer, Kongsberg Automotive


TECHNOLOGY KEYNOTE: Embrace change – Adjust Speed

Claudine Smith, Country Head, BNP Paribas Norway

PANEL DEBATE: Banks, Corporates & Rating providers on how they think GREEN investments

Banks are increasingly recognizing environmental and green responsible companies by investing in them. Will banks look more positively at credits when projects are green and can corporates profit from on this factor? How are rating providers connecting climate change science with the financial markets?

Moderator: Sander van Tol, Partner, Zanders


Cecile Moitry, Head of Sustainable Finance, BNP Paribas

Harald Francke Lund, CEO, Cicero Shades of Green

Ian Howard, Director Sustainable Finance Solutions, Sustainalytics

Sven Erik Pløen, Head of Funding, Bane NOR


CASE STUDY: Diversification of Citycon funding

Recent Milestones in diversifying Citycon’s financing

Equity raises ▪ Credit ratings ▪ Committed Syndicated Revolving Credit Facility with 5 Nordic house banks ▪ Eurobond and NOK bond market ▪ EMTN program ▪ Commercial paper programs in three countries ▪

Recent initiatives to diversify Citycon’s financing

    Green financing framework ▪ Hybrid bond

    Ben Helsing, Group Treasurer, Citycon


    KEYNOTE: A view of the evolution of the cyber attacks

    Carsten Maartmann-Moe, CEO, Transcendent Group Norway

    PANEL DEBATE: Payment Fraud & Risk of cybersecurity

    Moderator: Beatrice Wassing, Head of Transaction Banking Sales & Implementation, Handelsbanken Capital Markets


    Karl-Henrik Sundberg, Cash Management Presales, OpusCapita

    Carl Olsson, Head of Compliance & AML, TietoEVRY

    Erik Blomberg, CISO, Handelsbanken


    CASE STUDY: Changing FX Strategy

    The ongoing ascent of trade tensions has been reflected in FX volatility and many corporates appear to have been caught out .These were accompanied by a renewed commitment to allocate more resources to mitigating FX risk but suggested a fundamental flaw: in times of low volatility, companies allow hedge ratios to decline and when it returns they suddenly increase them. This reactive approach causes spikes in effectiveness and means that firms buy protection when it is most expensive. So is it time to raise those ratios again on an ad hoc basis? Or is it time for a better more holistic approach that goes beyond volatility? Treasurers still struggle to build the full picture of exposures needed to create and execute an appropriate hedging strategy. So how can currency exposures be analyzed, not just individual currency pairs, and create a complete view of risk? And how can technology and automation be used to build more systematic and less discretionary hedging programmes based on that picture?

    Ramon Tolk, Senior Director Treasury, Avery Dennison

    KEYNOTE: The Post COVID World of Treasury Recruitment

    Mike Richards, CEO, The Treasury Recruitment Company

    Moderator's Closing Remarks & End of Conference


    27th Aug


    DIGITALLY: Online, Brella

    Group Treasurers, Treasurers, CFOs, Assistant Treasurers, Financial Business Partners, Corporate Finance, Project Finance, Cash Managers, Risk Managers

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